Last night was very NIGHTED.

I met up with the young homie from Portland that I met through the zine life, and we had some adult beverages and nachos at my favorite BBQ spot. Dude was very NIGHTED as well… He had straight A’s as an Engineering student for a year, then said fuck it and is going hard with photography instead. 

I decided to take him on a tour of the prime time graff strip so we could put in some work. It was wet as fuck so we were wiping down metal trying to get streakable surfaces popping. Got a full roll of mayhem, and in the process covered my camera, hands, and other markers in white streaker.

As we doubled back on the route, these street kids were waking down San Pablo with a pitbull, looking all grimy and fucked up. As we passed them by, the pit latched onto my coat and I ripped it out of its mouth as the dude tugged his dog away. Dude said something about it not being out of anger, apologized, etc. I was in lightweight shock, and glad that the dog didn’t get my arm, so I just let it go and we kept on.

Can’t wait to get that roll back.

S/O the homie Steve Rulez

Nick Garcia