NIGHTED Life Presents: Brvinfreeze

This dude right here is sitting on some of the rawest photos that you’ve never seen. Wait til his zine drops. I recently conducted a lil interview with him via text message, get to know the boy:

I’m bouncing my son to sleep on a yoga ball. What are you doing?
Chillin at the crib.

Did you know what was the first question?
Ah shit you’re sneaky.

And that was the second.. UOENO. Ok, so who are you?
Brvinfreeze for the kids, Sozey for the chicks.

What did you get into today?
Woke up late, ate French fries from a sus spot and lurked dirty alleys, and now I am home fairly beat while my friends act a fool out there.

Speaking of acting a fool, why did you start writing graffiti?
Why not?

Do you have any heroes?
No heroes, just a clusterfuck of inspiration tbh.

Yeah? Like what inspires you?
Too broad to get into, but definitely my surroundings. Living in a place like LA where the culture is still strong, it’s hard not to be inspired by the little things- like the local sign painter, or just you’re everyday chicken scratch scrawl on a wall. Shit is too real out here.

“Treal”, some might say.

Fair enough. So generally, are things getting better or worse for a young boss?
Getting better for sure. Getting older, really finding myself, really keeping my circle tight and no bad vibes. Shit was kinda stale for a minute but that’s all a part of the game I suppose.

Yeah, it definitely is.Describe the last fight you got in.
All I have to say is TJ is a fucked up place to have a bar fight. No fuckin comment! Ha!


Favorite camera?
Oh shit that’s a hard one, but I’d have to say I’ve been loyal to my Pentax K1000 since day one, that’s been like 7 years. But if I want to turn up, definitely my Minolta supreme freedomzoom, that camera has taken a beating.

Favorite Smiths song?
Probably Handsome Devil

Great minds think alike.

What’s the best way to learn?
Definitely from experience. Don’t be afraid of a little blood.

I gotta say, I was pretty pleasantly surprised when you sent me all the shit for your zines. The quality, and just the fact that you’re sitting on so many unreleased bangers. Was that hard?
You have no idea man. These were my top picks for the past 5+ years. When I finally saw that a small collective putting out zines and putting my boys on, I knew this was my time. I fuck wit NIGHTED for sure, shout out to Hulah n Dean.

So what can the good people reading this expect from your zine?
A series of unfortunate events. I don’t expect you to understand it because I don’t even understand it. Relax.

Wow I was just on ur ig trying to come up w more questions and damn that Stussy S alien head O joint is like my graffiti spirit animal.

How would you survive in jail?
Off that canteen Bruh.

Do you have a girlfriend?
I have a partner in crime and she’s cool as fuck.

Oh yeah.. No offense, but I think I’ve seen her booty?
Hahah Dat assss!

What are your future goals?
Keep it 100. Grow with my loved ones and snap my life away.

So are you rolling up to the NIGHTED show with Dean and them? He said he’s bringing a gang with him.
Oh whaaaat! He didn’t mention it but I def have to plan something quick!

Last words?
Shout out to Rotting Fresh, Natalie, NIGHTED Life, The elote guy, and all the creeps. Woop.

Brvinfreeze’s zine drops July 1st, but in the meantime you can go peep his blog.