Nighted Life Presents: Quinn Arneson

Linked up with this dude through Sameet Sharma recently, and he’s killing it. His photos are rad as fuck, his art is sick, and he hustles hard. Very NIGHTED.

Who are you?
I am just some guy. I live and work in New York via San Francisco, Los Angeles.

What’s your life like?
Lately, I have been somewhat of a hermit, hiding from the cold and staring at my skateboard. On the upside, I have been much more productive than usual, painting at home and organizing my pictures and videos, for whoever wants to look at them.

Why do you do what you do?
Why not?

How do you operate?
I operate with the help of friends, sandwiches, pizza and beer. Although I have slowed down on the beer while maintaining water intake. I usually have a camera with me. 

What’s next?
Im always hoping for less grunt work, a pot of gold, and a bit of traveling, but I really couldn’t tell you. I am definitely going to keep taking pictures of things that excite me. I am also going to send some photos to jones soda soon. I recently realized that getting a photo on one of their bottles was one of my childhood dreams. Wish me luck.

Ay, guess what? We’re about to drop Quinn’s new zine, “Color Graphics In Bed” hella soon!

In the meantime, go check out Quinn’s photo blog.