What’s up y'all, Chunks here. Uncle Nicky gave me the week off from my column so he could review my newest zine- PAID IN FULL! I have a few copies left so hit me up if you want one! Also feel free to get in touch if you want your zine reviewed on here or if you want to trade!

-Chunky Mane, over n out

PAID IN FULL by Chunks
God damn, this is a zine. Chunky Mane is really on top of his game. Action, funny commentary, and plenty of shots that make me want to go outside and get into some shit. All on some really slick paper, with some crazy color center spreads, and  I’m sure you’ve already seen the cover all over the interweb. But fuck all that, get one in your hands (while they last). And if you’ve ever gotten mail from Chunks, then you know he comes hella correct with the extra goodies, too!  

Hit up Chunks via email for a copy (or to get your shit reviewed by him): brendanjmegannety@gmail.com

I also highly recommend his tumblr, twitter and instagram- @brendanmegannety

Chunky Mane will be back in full effect next week with more zine game for you!

-Uncle Nicky