2014 Year in Review by Cocaineiagua

This year had hella lessons bout shit that don’t matter and shit that did.

Shoutout to going to my first bar this year losing my debit card and too scared to go back and get it cause it don’t match the info on the ID I used to get in. Wait shoutout to getting the fakest ID in all of McArthur Park, yo I only went there cause all my uncles got their fake green cards there in like 2001.

I probably have been less eager to take photos this year, enough to the point where I got to notice it. Also partly cause I’ve been witnessing some wild stunts to the point where the mental photo I kept was sufficient. Nick has asked me various times to get some shit together for nighted but I just recently let go… Like honestly let go of the idea that one day I might be a rapper. This is really me writing with a dead dream of “killin it” one day. Hopefully in the next life.

Work be eating my brain, please remember fam Art is life. It’s always around you and it’s a key to social discovery and progression. 2014 contained lots of friend vibes this year got to link w hella people Seattle, Santa Cruz, NY and back then getting to show LA to some homies from NY and Miami it was really lit and I fuck with them on all levels hope to see you soon friends. Shout out to people in general. Ily 2015 is around the corner I will be there, no pun intended.

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