2014 Year in Review by Kate Fobert

This year was pretty wild!  I moved across the country from Toronto to Vancouver, took a lot more photos, showed some photos, been up/down, and met a bunch of cool/amazing/inspiring people! Here are some things that happened in 2014:


  • Wished I was Ciara (that’s every year, though)

  • Turned 26.

  • Started Katefobert.tumblr.com

  • Joined the +Nighted+ team.

  • Finally started to “be me” again.

  • Had some really good days.

  • Had some really shitty days.

  • Learnt that I need to not be so scared and talk more.

  • Stopped doing (some) stupid shit.

  • Hard styled with a cop on a horse.

  • Actually started making things (buttons, mugs, zines).

  • Took more photos.

  • Got a couple more concussions.

  • Snuck into a few abandoned places.

  • Quit my day job.

  • Moved away from Toronto.

  • Moved to Vancouver.

  • Got a new (way better) job.

  • I watched my little brother graduate from University, buy a house, and get a great job.

  • Went to a community centre and watched Amateur Wrestling.

  • Finally got my Learners/G1 Licence, again.

  • Had my first photo show with my friend Antosh (antosh.ca)

  • Curated my first art show.

  • Went on my first date (post-high school).

  • Touched some butts.

  • Started drawing again.

  • Swam in the ocean.

  • Started to make my parents more proud of me (I think/hope).

  • Lost my short term memory.

  • Started wearing clothes that aren’t black (this is a huge deal).

  • Told a stranger off for making fun of how short I was (that was actually last night). Felt great.  

  • Continued to overthink everything (including this list, I’ve gone through it 1000000 times).

I’ve definitely missed a few things, but that’s probably for the best! See ya’ll in 2015!

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