I don’t like car culture or really anything to do with cars. It doesn’t get me excited to hear about a new car and its new features. I do drive a car, though, and I recently crashed it into a family driving to Santa Ana, California. What I do like about cars, is the idea of a car: A man-made machine that can get one person or multiple people from point A to point B. A consumer machine that can exceed 120MPH. Being able to purchase a machine, a brick of metal and plastic, that is able to move someone around the surface of this earth. Pure power at the turn of a key. I also like the smell of gasoline. The fact that a car can be used to simultaneously start a persons next chapter and possibly end a chapter of a persons life is interesting.  

The LA auto show happens every year in Los Angeles in mid November. I’ve been going for the past three years and i thoroughly look forward to it. Watching peoples eyes light up at the newest car features is something to see. People sit in the cars and adjust the seats, acting like they might actually have a chance to drive one of these machines someday. The American dream. I sat in a Maserati one time and it was amazing.

-Kris Kirk