NIGHTED Introduces: Alexander Hill

Who are you?
Alexander Hill, 22, artist living in Los Angeles. 

What do you look for, if anything, when taking photos?
I’m really interested in the absurd things I see when I’m walking around or any kind of juxtaposition. I love shooting my friends too of course. They’re always doing something that will make for a good photo. 

When was the last time you witnessed something unexplainable?
Everything is confusing to me. 

Where is your favorite place to be?
I love being alone. Otherwise, where I am, in LA with my sister and my friends. 

Why do you live the way you do?
I’ve been told what to believe and who to be all my life and at a certain point I just gave up listening. I’ve become a really eclectic person and I just try to take in as much as I can. I’m down for whatever. 

Alexander’s blog

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