NIGHTED Introduces:: Tom Archer

Who are you?
Tom Archer, mainly just go by Archer, and I suppose I call myself a photographer. Originally from Sheffield and now in Leeds, UK.

What do you look for when taking photos?
Anyone or anything that looks out of the ordinary/off it/pointless/funny/fucked up. I look for that kind of stuff when I’m generally out with my camera just wandering about. Any anomaly within a dead boring, normal situation also catches my eye, I enjoy that.

When was the last time you witnessed something that changed your life?
When my Grandfather ran a 10K last year at the age of 89 and after heart bypass surgery, that was pretty life changing. He keeps on going against the wishes of doctors, and his wife, and is proving everyone wrong. A great example of if you put your mind to something, you can do anything – pretty lame analogy but it’s true to me. It changed my outlook on the future. I also saw a man driving a Lamborghini in Reno eating a cabbage like an apple, never seen that before, definite life changer.

Where is the most memorable place you’ve ever been?
I went to Ibiza two years ago to shoot a music video with one of my best pals. That was pretty memorable, it seemed as though you couldn’t cram in any more of the worst English morons into one place if your tried, but it was still insanely fun, a great pointless/stupid holiday. Staying in the desert in Joshua Tree was incredible, and swimming in the rivers of Grass Valley are definitely up there in my list of memorable places too.

Why do you live the way you do?
I’ve always wanted to make the most out of my photography as I possibly could. I doubt I’ll ever make a living off it, I just want to keep on creating work, release more books and collaborate and meet new artists along the way. I’m lucky to have a bunch of amazing friends and an incredible girlfriend who supports my work, and me… I definitely need to give a shout out to the guy who smashed into, and wrote off, her car, that insurance money paid for two of my trips to NY last year! Also being able to tour with my mates Eagulls has given me the opportunity to see most of the US and shoot some of my strongest work to date, so I owe those guys loads.

Archer will be featured in our next issue of NIGHTED Life, check out more of his photos here: scratchcardyouth.tumblr.com