Nighted Life Presents: An Evening in the Lair with GRIZLEY DE

Who are you?

GRIZLEY- Dark Empire, End of Story, Iron Light Warriors … hella out here.

What’s your life like?

Life’s really good… it’s hella hectic right now, but my everyday focus is to just wake up and deal with the psychic violence in the world. <lights spliff> You know, everyone should pat themselves on the back to varying degrees, because every single day you have a choice… you could walk to the kitchen, grab a fork and stab yourself in the neck, or jump off a building. Instead, you deal with the process. I just try to limit the bitching nowadays and keep it fucking moving… Disfruta la vida.

Where are you headed?

I’m going to start in Asia and try to see as much of the world as I can. I’ll just be out there, searching for the trees… I’m looking forward to seeing trees all around the world, grown in different scenarios, different places. I like trees-  What up, Plantrees!

Why this life?

For better or worse, I wouldn’t be in my current situation if it weren’t for graff and everything that I’ve seen since I started taking graffiti seriously. I’ve been motivated to travel and meet cool people, writers or otherwise. <pours whiskey> I feel like there are two different levels that people live on- there’s your pop culture, reality show following, everything is dictated for me crowd, and then there are people who are just out here vibing, trying to soak shit up and stay motivated and true. Everything significant on a day to day life level, like big moves, work or other changes have all been tied to relationships built through graffiti. So there’s that side of it, and then there’s just the feeling. At this point in time, I have no plans of ever leaving the life. I also enjoy being a spectator, in the sense that all these years go by- and I still feel like a straight novice, but I’m out there though, don’t get it twisted- and I just really enjoy seeing shit up. It’s the stamp, the result of someone still doing a piece of what they want. And that’s what’s up.

How do you operate?

I operate on the idea of Going. Your brain doesn’t stop when you’re sleeping… that energy is still there… and your heart just keeps beating. Change is the same way- it’s hectic, it’s crazy, but it’s necessary and it’s consistent. You can fucking rely on change. With that said, I just go. I try to be mindful and stay a man of mind, body and spirit. I’m out here.

** GRIZLEY is an international Nighted Life correspondent.. keep an eye out for photos and stories from the homie!! **

Nick Garcia