Nighted Life Presents: BADOG$

If you’re not checking up on the BADOG$ flickr regularly, you really need to reevaluate your interweb priorities. Here’s a peek behind the magic:

Who are you?
The badogs guy.

Is there some specific link between the Bay and Texas that we’re missing? Seems like a lot of wild ass Texas boys come through here for extended periods of time.
Shit i guess you’ve never been to Texas then. 90 days of 110 degree heat fucking sucks. Can only wear short shorts and tank tops so many times.

What’s a normal day like for you?
Cook breakfast, skate with my dog, go read in some weird park or rack meaningless shit, or go on a hike. Then come home to draw and cook dinner. It’s pretty routine like that. :)

How was SXSW?
It was fun. I’ve been the last 4 years or so. honestly its just getting worse. It’s becoming harder to get into shows and get free shit but it’s still super tight. 

Cameras/ Drugs/ Musics of choice?
Yashica t4, cigarettes, chief keef currently. maybe third eye blind?

What can the good people expect from the BADOGS/NIGHTED zine that’s in the works?
Well, all never before seen photos. Probably some dicks, graff, weird dudes doing stupid shit, maybe a few nature shots. 

The BADOG$ / NIGHTED Zine drops 4/15! Go have fun on the BADOG$ flickr in the meantime.