NIGHTED Life Presents: Jordie and Malc
The homies down in Florida are out there doing it! Hyped to be putting out their zine Southern Uncomfort on July 15th!

Who are you?
J: My name is Jordie but my friends call me Jordie…I’m definitely my own person, always have been and always will be. I’m a peaceful person that loves art and having fun really. I definitely prefer to be the mastermind behind things, not so much the front man. 
M: I’m Malc aka YG Malc Jax aka Malcolm Cartier aka Adams Skreet Malc from Duval aka the Ville aka Da Bangem aka Jacksonville, Florida.

What’s your life like?
M: I live a Blue Collar lifestyle. Jacksonville is very large in size but we have a lot of small southern town qualities. You get up, work, and go home here. I’m out here everyday rolling on 18 inches of chrome just working. My go to camera currently has been my iPhone to be honest. It’s right here in my pocket so it’s never a problem to shoot something up. If you not working out here, either legal trappin’ or posted strong by the traphouse, you wont survive…from boredom [laughs].
J: Born and raised in Jacksonville, Flawda. That right there probably already put an image in your head. But my life isn’t all about riding in donks and pick-up trucks (although I do drive a truck and wouldn’t mind having that 96 Impala sittin’ on dem thangs). The thing I love about Jacksonville is that as country as it may seem, there is a small community of people who always know what’s going on. Many trends that people see these rap stars flashing around on TV, they got it from us. I put money on that too. Jacksonville is known as the city that sleeps, but my friends and I, well we’re wide awake.

Why do you do what you do?
J:I do what I do because it’s fun man. Photography is something that I recently found myself interested in. I copped that ever-so-popular Pentax k1000 about 2 years ago and have been having fun with that. But I found myself appreciating the iPhone camera more and more each day. I probably shoot something with it everyday, I’m not as good as Malc, (Malc = Blue Collar Genius). I truly am a graphic designer at heart thats where i’m most comfortable. But I learned that impromptu photoshoots have been some of the most fun times I’ve had.
M: I do what i do simply because I enjoy showing my perspective. It keeps me calm and sane. There’s no telling where i would be if i didn’t have photography in my life. Being able to show folks where I’m from and folks respecting that is just icing on the cake.

How do you operate?
M: I take whatever life throws at me and send it back even better.
J: I try to be as efficient as possible, every move that I make is methodical. My friends have given me the nicknames “SchemeGawd” and “Jordie the Sly.” But honestly, time is precious to me and I don’t like to waste any of it.

What’s next?
J: What’s Next. Honestly, I just wanna see Jacksonville become a fun place. We have an Urban Core that’s always got cool things going on, but Jacksonville is such a large city that it’s extremely difficult to simply get people to come out and have fun. I’d love to see art shows and galleries as well as small shows going on EVERY weekend not just once in a while. That’s really what my goal is. As for myself, I have a few art projects in the works now. As well as the Space Fruit magazine in conjunction with NIGHTED. Be on the look out for that man, talk about some rare art and artists. Spend your life well and stay blessed my friends. Southern boys ain’t slow.
M: Besides buying a new Jaguars jersey, just keeping my finger on the trigger and just getting stuff done whether it’s on Instagram or continuing to build the Culture’D brand, I’m just trying to get things going and be a part of bringing the Ville to the world. Southern boys ain’t slow.

Nick Garcianighted