NIGHTED Life Presents: K. Eleanor Bleier’s Year in Review
so there’s only a few days left of 2013, and i always get pretty wrapped up in reading those end of year best album lists- here’s a best/ worst/ funniest moments list in my year:

-got stung by a scorpion

-stayed single and really proud of it for (most of) the year

-jumped off a bridge

-puked on the bay bridge (the old one, not the new one, here’s to new beginnings though)

-lived in four states (indiana, illinois, texas, california; and they all have my heart)

-was inside my parents house while it got robbed, really thought i was going to die

-missed a flight between two countries

-almost got food stamps in two different states

-saw a meteor shower

-learned to tie good knots

-got butterfly kisses on my buttcheek

-sang mariah carey to inmates

-kissed a dude probably (okay, definitely) older than my dad in ireland

-finally flew enough to get a free flight (and they said it couldn’t be done!)

-had my feet in water almost every day of the summer

-chased waterfalls and found a few

-danced on a motorcycle surrounded by junk food

-earned the respect of horses, lived without humans for a while

-found a dead bee on the ground

-fell in love with every dog i met

-had a huge crush from afar, chickened on asking her to hang out (if you are reading this, you have purple hair and work at next door cafe in chicago- cheers!)

-saw america’s longest train trestle

-picked wild strawberries in indiana and wild blackberries in california
-had my palm read and was taught the basics of palm reading

-lived in a literal closet for a few months

-left a kiss on johnny ramone’s grave

-loved beyonce even more than last year

-didn’t shave my armpits once, not even for family events

-had the perfect claw tub bath

-got referred to as trashy; embraced it

K. Eleanor Bleier