Siggy Bodolai Will Let You Know When He Finds Out

Leading up to the release of “NIGHTED Life 9: Gone” on March 1st, we’reposting one interview a day with each contributor. In this zine, 8 shooters respond with photos and writing to one of three questions.

What’s the closest you’ve ever come to dying?

What do you want done with your body when you die?

Which death has had the biggest impact on your life and why?

1. Without going into detail, can you share which question you decided to answer for NL9?
I decided to answer the question about which death had the most impact on me, and why.

2. Where did you grow up? What was it like?
I was born in Toronto, but grew up in Los Angeles. It was an interesting experience to say the least. There was always some sort of trouble to get into.

3. What types of situations do you find you point your lens towards most commonly? Where was your head at while compiling shots for NL9?
It differs depending on where my head is at that moment. In day to day life, I have a fascination with seemingly ordinary or mundane things. And why we perceive them as such. Shooting stuff for “NIGHTED Life 9: Gone” was a bit different for me. I don’t think my photographs usually have such a literal meaning. I like to think that my photographs are made for the viewer to infer, and project their own meaning onto them. NL9 was quite different than that. It was the first time I’ve done a project with such a literal series of photos. I was excited to do this because death is something that I think about often, and has had great impact on my life.

4. If you could choose one song that feels like it fits and accompanies the situation you wrote about for the release, what would it be?
Burzum - Dunkelheit

5. In 10 words or less, what do you think truly – as far as you can explain or imagine –  happens after death?
I’ll let you know when I find out.

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