The homie SHUGS recently sent some extra tight new work to the Nighted Life Thugz Mansion!

His characters, hands and design work are always on point, and he just keeps getting nicer with it. He hooked up a real prize piece called Amanojaku for the zine collection (sorry, y'all- it’s sold out- but he has new shit out), and hellllla stickers. What I really appreciate about SHUGS, and all of ALT Crew, is the extra attention to detail they pay with their handmade and printed stickers (and of course all their zines are next level quality). Definitely inspirational in many ways.

SHUGS stays busy- if you’re not already up on his work, you’re about to be hyped. Hit up SHUGSONE.com as well as the dope new ALT Store for some real/ rare shit!