Chunks is off being an international playboy this week, so I’m gonna put him on blast by pointing out that his new zine, FINAL BOSS, is tight as fuck.

It’s a split with Chunks/ Tobin Reid, and calling it a zine doesn’t even feel right. This is some extra-next-level crazy design shit made just for a melancholy thug like me. If you have a dark sense of humor and appreciate rare coolness and/or fine craftsmanship, then you should go get one. It’s a real brain-bender. It also does that awesome thing where there’s two different covers (one on each side), and then it flips over in the middle. Is there a name for that? That shit’s hot.

Alright, I’m not as good at this as Chunky Mane, so hopefully he makes it back to the motherland safely for next week.

-Nick Geezy