Nighted Life Presents: Thrift Store Bandit

The homie Thrift Store Bandit is good at life. Really hyped to be finalizing his first zine, which we should be dropping any day now! Find out how he gets down:

Who are you?
THE BANDIT OF THRIFT STORES, haha just kidding…
No one special really, just a lame dude from Southern California.

What’s a day in the life of the Thrift Store Bandit like?
Wake up hella late, smoke a Newport, listen to Gucci Mane or whatever I’m feelin at the moment.
Check out the local thrift stores for cameras and button up shirts, paint maybe grab some food and smoke more Newports.

Why this life?
Good question, honestly cause I don’t know much else. And it’s fun as fuck.
It makes my days on this Earth much more interesting in my opinion.

What’s the meaning of all this?
Everyone has a different thought on what the meaning of life is, and no one is really wrong, we live to learn and experience.
No one knows EVERYTHING, just try and be you, be happy, live your life and die. Don’t cut into anyone’s life with your own bullshit.

What does NIGHTED mean to you?
It’s a way of life, and it’s a movement as well.
Anyone can be “cool” but none of that shit matters when you’re an old fucking fart. But to say you were part of something bigger than you and I is something great to say.
(hashtag NightedLifer) haha

Why do you listen to The Smiths so much?
I don’t know, I enjoy Morrissey’s voice, it’s just relaxing. Also cause it pisses off all my friends, haha.

What’s next?
What isn’t next, man? It’s a brand new year, everything’s open!
Enjoy it while you can, ya know? Keep shooting film, keep painting, keep eating unhealthy foods.
Just keep pushing…

Check out Thrift Store Bandit’s blog and get ready to peep his new NIGHTED zine, “Take It, It’s Yours.”- dropping soon!