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NIGHTED Life 9: Gone

Through film photos and personal writing, 8 photographers were asked to answer one of three questions:

What’s the closest you’ve ever come to dying?
What do you want done with your body when you die?
Which death has had the biggest impact on your life and why?

“NIGHTED Life 9: Gone” is a 44-page full color zine featuring work from:
Olivia Garner
Kris Kirk
Siggy Bodolai
Kelly Graham
Jonathan Sherman
Brandon Aighty
Julia Rinaldi
Graham Meyer

Limited to 140 copies. International shipping available.

Out now at


Kris Kirk on Absolutely Nothing

Leading up to the release of “NIGHTED Life 9: Gone” on March 1st, we’re posting one interview a day with each contributor. In this zine, 8 shooters respond with photos and writing to one of three questions.

What’s the closest you’ve ever come to dying?

What do you want done with your body when you die?

Which death has had the biggest impact on your life and why?

1. Without going into detail, can you share which question you decided to answer for NL9?
I answered the question regarding what I would want done with my body when I die.  Seemed to be the most interesting question, as it can go many directions.  Depending on a person’s background and ideals of their life, I feel that question really bit into the idea of “worth of one’s self.”

2. Do you remember having a moment of realization in your youth when you grasped mortality?
I can’t specifically remember one instance.  I think it I just grasped it eventually when you have pets, friends and relatives die.  Then it hits you like, “Oh ok, I’m never going to see these people or things again.”  You can even tie in photography with this.  When you realize someone or something is gone, you find yourself going through all your old images of what once was and that feeling of life comes back for that brief moment.

3. What was is like growing up in the OC hardcore scene, and how has that influenced your photography?
I don’t think the Orange County hardcore scene specifically has influenced my photography.  I did enjoy seeing photos people took at shows and what not, but I think being involved in a sense of underground community influenced me in many other ways.  Yes, photography being one of them but, it really teaches you how to do something by yourself and for yourself.  That all spills into every aspect of my life.

4. How did you go about compiling your shots for NL9: Gone?
Nick had asked me to be a part of the GONE zine that had a theme of “death”.  At first, the theme was a head scratcher.  I couldn’t think of it beyond the literal meaning.  The longer I thought about it, the easier it came to compile images for the theme presented. So keeping that in mind – that it can range from literal to metaphorically – I tried to do a mix of each.

5. In 10 words or less, what do you think truly – as far as you can explain or imagine –  happens to a person after death?
Honestly, absolutely nothing.

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I don’t like car culture or really anything to do with cars. It doesn’t get me excited to hear about a new car and its new features. I do drive a car, though, and I recently crashed it into a family driving to Santa Ana, California. What I do like about cars, is the idea of a car: A man-made machine that can get one person or multiple people from point A to point B. A consumer machine that can exceed 120MPH. Being able to purchase a machine, a brick of metal and plastic, that is able to move someone around the surface of this earth. Pure power at the turn of a key. I also like the smell of gasoline. The fact that a car can be used to simultaneously start a persons next chapter and possibly end a chapter of a persons life is interesting.  

The LA auto show happens every year in Los Angeles in mid November. I’ve been going for the past three years and i thoroughly look forward to it. Watching peoples eyes light up at the newest car features is something to see. People sit in the cars and adjust the seats, acting like they might actually have a chance to drive one of these machines someday. The American dream. I sat in a Maserati one time and it was amazing.

-Kris Kirk


2015 Year in Review by Kris Kirk

I pushed myself harder then i have in previous years with projects of various types.  The year is over and i am fucking mentally exhausted.  I need a break but 2016 already looks too good to slow down.  Text me memes:: 714-727-8309 


“NIGHTED Life 7: Notes”

In our latest group zine, a dozen shooters from around the world write about a set of their photos.

52 8.5x5.5 pages, full bleed, full color printed on matte coated paper.

Limited to 120 copies (this will be the only edition printed).

Features photos and writing by:
Tom Archer
Miranda Barnes
Danielle Frances
Nikki Greene
Tyron Hug
Kris Kirk
Ciaran Meister
Kelsey Reckling
Hannah Rubin
Social Comatose
Michael Van Winkle

Available now at